Terms and conditions of salePrint


  1. The buyer is legally committed when he remits an order on letterhead paper by letter adressed to the seller, or when a representative of the buyer presents an order form. The seller is committed at the moment he accepts the order, whether that acceptance is by express agreement, deemed tacit within a fortnight, or, conversely, by written confirmation.
  2. Items can only be ordered in the quantity units displayed on this website.
  3. Prices shown are exclusive of taxes. They can be changed at any time without notice even whilst an order is being carried out, based on factory prices or fluctuations in exchange rates.
  4. Deadlines are given for information only. No delay on our part, due to circumstances beyond our control, may lead to payment of compensation, or order cancellation. However, the buyer can give notice to the vendor to deliver within a reasonable time.


For any new customer, payment upon ordering is obligatory for all first orders.


Goods are shipped by our transporter.

Whether goods are sold leaving the factory, or including delivery, they always travel at the risk of the recipient.

No dispute shall be admissible if the recipient has not made any reservations about the delivery, by registered letter with return receipt, at the latest within three days after delivery (art. 105 of the Commercial Code), to the transporter sole responsible, even if the package or packages are in good condition on the outside.

No damage can justify non-payment to the seller, even if delivery is included. The seller undertakes to intervene with the transporter in order to help the user obtain fair compensation. To this end, the recipient must send the seller a copy of the letter of dispute within the same time frame.

Shipping and packaging fees will be communicated to the buyer each year by our representatives.


Our invoices are payable within 30 days end of month net-net. When applying for acceptance of a purchasing agreement by the customer, it must be returned signed within 8 days of receipt.

In the case of cash payment, a 2% discount will be granted.

Any delay in payment will result in the addition of 0.50% interest every 10 days, without needing any formal notice.

By express agreement, unless a deferment has been requested on time and agreed by us, failure to pay could also lead to: 

  1. the intervention of our debt-collection agency,
  2. the liability, as damages, of compensation of 15% of the amount claimed, plus interest mentioned above and any legal costs.


No goods will be returned or exchanged.

No complaints about the quality of goods will be accepted after a period of 10 days following the date of reception by the buyer.


In case of dispute, the PARIS Courts will have exclusive jurisdiction, even in cases of appeal or multiple defendants.

In the event that a clause similar to these exist in our contractors, it would be disregarded and only these terms would be legally binding.


Notwithstanding delivery, which will automatically and immediately transfer responsibility to the buyer, the seller retains title to the goods until full payment.

Retention of title (Law No. 80-335 of 12 May 1980): We reserve the ownership of the goods delivered until full payment. Purchasing agreements and other other documents which create an obligation to pay do not constitute payment within the meaning of this provision.